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the world leader in station-free bike sharing

Founded in 2014 and based in Beijing, China, ofo is the world’s first and largest station-free bike sharing platform. ofo is committed to providing the best short distance transportation solution, solving the “last mile” transportation problem by turning the last mile into a green, low-emission trip.

To date, ofo has connected more than 10 million bikes to over 200 million users in 17 countries: the US, the UK, Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Austria, and Kazakhstan. The platform generates more than 25 million daily transactions and has provided global users in 180+ cities with over 4 billion efficient, convenient, green rides.

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Unlock every corner of the world, making bicycles available to users anytime and anywhere.

we're committed to sustainable transportation

ofo and the United Nations Development Programme have partnered to promote sustainable transportation.

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