ofo on your campus

ofo isn't just sustainable campus transportation – it helps build a sense of community in students, and saves them money at the same time.

from campus to community

Dockless bikes connect your campus to the community at large, and a bike share program becomes an invaluable cultural touchpoint to foster a kinship amongst your students.

give your campus the gift of bike share

 campus transit

Students nationwide are fighting to protect our environment. With over 13,500 tons in carbon emissions already saved by ofo riders – and every mile traveled reducing carbon emissions by .77 lbs. – ofo lets your students effect positive change.

affordable for students ... and campuses, too

Students get cost-effective transit on their terms. Campuses get a bike share at zero cost to the school, with no docking stations to take up parking spots.

cleaning up campus

Campus services shouldn't have to remove locked or abandoned bikes. ofo lowers the number of private bikes on campus, while our own bikes are inspected and maintained by our full-time staff.

give your campus the gift of bike share