What we’re made of

ofo Bikes

ofo bikes in the Europe are made to be "Reliable, Flexible, Comfortable”.

Mobile Solution

1. Obtain a Passcode

Open your ofo application, enter the number on the bike and get the passcode.

2. Unlock the Bike

Turn the dial on the lock until each digit in the passcode aligns with the yellow indicator. Once the passcode is in, simply press the round button to unlock.

3. Ride and Return

Enjoy the ride on your ofo bike, and once you are done simply leave the bike in any area where bike-parking is allowed. It will become ready for the next user. There is no need to find an inconvenient docking station.

We Are by Your Side

The ofo platform is built around the spirit of sharing. The company is collaborating with bike manufacturers and users worldwide to encourage complete sharing of bikes through its platform.